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Apollos Purpose

The Apollo Crew

Azimer: Main coder
Phrodide: An ex member of The Apollo Crew, alot of his work still exists in the source.
RatTrap: Website maintainer


All Nintendo, Nintendo 64 or N64 trademarks and logos or references are property of Nintendo of America, Inc. and Nintendo of Japan, Inc.

All other trademarks mentioned or included in any way on this website are acknowledged as trademarks of their respectiv holders. Nintendo is in no way affiliated to The Apollo Project.

Apollo is freeware - NEVER SELL Apollo or any portion of the software! We will take any legal action necessary to protect our rights.

Anything you do with Apollo, or any portion of the software, is your responsibility. We can not be held accountable for any damages Apollo does to you or anything else by your use of this software. If you do not agree, delete this software NOW. (IOW don't blame us for killing dad's computer for christ sakes)

NEVER, EVER.... (like Chris Jericho says it) EVER distribute Apollo with commercial ROMs!!!! It's illegal! I didn't write this software for some one to distribute commercial ROMs with it. In fact, don't distribute Apollo in a modified archive. Apollo should contain ALL files as they were when distributed with the release of the EXE.

The rights of all trademarks mentioned in this document and in the emulator binary executable, Apollo, are retained by their respective owners.

We have NO affiliated with rightful owner of trademarks, copyrights, patents, or otherwise of emulated hardware, nor of software that functions in the emulation.

All webdesign content on this site that is not a trademark or logo held by any company or corporation are Copyrighted to The Apollo Project.

The Apollo Project, Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 Azimer.

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